Wireless Guitar System 2.4 GHz Audio Transmitter Receiver for Bass and Active Pickup B-5RC 


"The NUX B5-RC system is basically the Bat Mobile of wireless guitar systems...” 

– Guitar is Win  

NUX B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System  

B-5RC wireless system fits in perfectly with all types of electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, bass guitar, Ukulele. Enhanced by the latest wireless technology innovation and upgraded algorithm, B-5/B-5RC can now work well with instruments that equipped with active pickups. 

Moreover, it comes with the ground-breaking auto-matching system which allows you to enjoy complete freedom without any setup. Enjoy, have fun & rock on.

No buzzing/humming with active pickups.  

You’re looking at the most compact wireless system that works well with active pickups. No more buzzing, humming, high-pitched noise,this system only delivers crystal clear guitar tone audio @ 24-bit/44.1kHz with less than 5ms latency. 

Auto-matching system: no setup required. 

Forgot about the channel-matching thing, B-5/B-5RC can work straight out of the box. Just turn on both the transmitter and the receiver, plug them to your guitar and amp accordingly, and you’re good to go.

Stay charged, always!  

Stay charged is essential, and that’s why B-5RC comes with an inbox charging/carrying case. Going for back to back gigs? No problem, the whole system can provide up to 15 hours* of playing time.

We are below <5 ms

Professional musicians will experience discomfort with system latency higher than 5ms, and the sound will be soft. In fact, because the played sound cannot be transmitted to the ear in real time. It is not conducive to the intensity of hand control tone.

Comparison Chart

NUX B5-RC works like a guitar cable but offers wireless freedom. Setting up the system is simple: choose your channel on the Transmitter & Receiver, and is ready to go.  

Here's why this musicians love to play wireless.

Join our famous partners, youtubers trying and reviewing our B-5RC.

"My only concern was the battery duration, but the battery was made to be incredibly durable. Plus, it seems like the sound never break!

 Silas Fernandez. Carlotesville, VA

"One of the best products NUX have, I won't ever use cables at home anymore.

Ersin Sekr. Los Angeles, CA  

"I love the way NUX is making products nowadays, definitely worth to try it.

 PeterThorn . Los Angeles, CA 

"I almost died trying the B-5 on my roof, but hey! sound never stopped.

Music is Win. Asheville, NC

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1 YEAR Full Warranty! 

You have 1 FULL YEAR to enjoy wirelessly with the NUX B5-RC. If you dont like it, or if for any reason it did not work with you, we will refund you 100% of what you paid.  

Simply apply for refund on Amazon, or send an email with your personal feedback to info@nuxefx.com and we will give you a compensation gift. No questions asked. 


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